Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Craft!

I was excited to do something a little different this week and found inspiration from one of my awesome teacher friends…Uh Oh Pumpkins!
I've got a fun and easy craft for you to do with your students…it's a smashed pumpkin!  What happened?  I have no idea, but I bet your students can come up with lots of creative stories to tell you!

I included this freebie page for your students to record their fun stories!  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What a Character! Conversation Starters for Speech & Language

A while ago, I had purchased some fairy tale clip-art from Scrappin' Doodles and thought to myself "What would happen if those fairy tales got mixed together (think the TV show "Once Upon a Time")?  What would their conversations look/sound like?

Here's a sample scene:

Head on over to my blog page for more info on how to download!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Mash No Prep, Print N' Go FREEBIE!

Monster's Mash: No Prep, Print N' Go FREEBIE PACK
I wanted some easy activities I could do with my elementary students that had a monster theme, so I created a game, print n’ go puppets and a couple of worksheets to use with your speech students!

Didn't these puppets come out cute!? 

roll and color monsters

My little ones love my themed roll and color games.  It keeps them busy while I get lots of practice in with their goals.  There are some more goodies in the pack, so head over to my blog to get your Monster No Prep FREEBIE!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday FreeBEES - 10/24/14

Welcome back for another October Friday FreeBEES! We're getting closer to Halloween and we can't wait! You can either link up via your blog post or a note on Facebook! Here are the rules:

If you end up downloading anything from those who link-up, we would all appreciate it if you left feedback or said "thank you" for the free materials! We cannot wait to see what is posted below!

Don't forget to add the image below to your direct link post and link the image back to this specific post! Thank you for your participation and thank you to those who have downloaded others' content! We hope to see you next week on Halloween!

Assessing Personal Narratives of Preschool and School Aged Children

Hi There, it's Tatyana of Smart Speech Therapy LLC  and the newest member of the Speechie Freebie family. Today I want to talk about narrative abilities. 

Did you know that narrative language skills have routinely been identified as one of the single best predictors of future academic success? (Bishop & Edmundson, 1987; Feegans & Appelbaum 1986) Or that poor discourse and narrative abilities place children at risk for learning and literacy-related difficulties including reading problems? (McCabe & Rosenthal-Rollins, 1994). Language produced during story retelling is positively related to bilingual reading achievement (Miller et al, 2006) while narrative analyses help to distinguish children with Language Impairment (LI) from their Typically Developing (TD) peers (Allen et al 2012). 

This is why I created my freebie Assessing Personal Narratives of Preschool and School Aged Children available HERE.  Based on the work of Bliss and McCabe (2012) this presentation does exactly that: describes how to assess personal narratives of preschool and school-aged children.

Slide content includes information on:
·         Why Assess Narrative Abilities?
·         The Value of Narratives
·         Narratives and Language Features
·         Advantages of Informal Narrative Assessments
·         Types of Narratives: Hedberg and Westby (1993)
·         Analysis of Personal Narratives (Bliss & McCabe, 2012)
·         Personal Narrative Elicitation
·         4 Patterns of impaired narration as well as
·         Cultural Considerations to Personal Narratives
o    African American Children
o    Latino Children
o    Asian Children
·         Chart: Questions for Implementation of the Narrative Assessment Profile (Bliss, McCabe, & Miranda, 1998)
·         References
·         Helpful Resources

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Witch's Hat Answering Yes/No Questions with Visuals!

Working on yes/no questions?! Looking for more Halloween themed activities?  Like visuals and cute graphics!?  Check out my newest freebie by clicking HERE!

Snakebit! A Creepy Crawly Game Just in Time for Halloween!

Hi! It's Laura from All Y'all Need. If your school gets into creepy crawlies around Halloween, I can't think of anything more creepier and crawlier than snakes!

To make things better for me, you get a benefit! Snakebit is a open-ended game in our store, All Y'all Need.
 Snakebit by All Y'all Need
Students get to draw out snakes after completing a task, and there are Extra Turn and Snakebit cards to liven things up. Plus, there's a B&W homework sheet.

Thanks for taking a look, and stay safe from sneaky snakes!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A NEW NAME, A NEW ADDRESS, A NEW LOOK and A Halloween Themed Apraxia Roll, Color & Say FREEBIE!!!

Hello Speechie Freebie visitors! Shanda and I are making a big announcement today! We have officially changed our name from Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC to:
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC!

Also, we moved our blog to a new location and gave it a brand new streamlined vintage look that included the re-invention of a new logo and banner! Yay! A whole new look for us! Please come and check it out.  We would love for you to follow our blog by adding your name to our email sign up at the bottom right hand side of the home page!

Here's a link:

And if you would like the address for book marking on your computer it is:

We hope to see you there!!

Now on to the fantastic freebie that we are posting today and the spooktacular apraxia treatment document that it is related to!

This freebie is a sampling from our latest apraxia packet that features cute non-spooky, Halloween-themed clip art. It is a fun unit for working on VC, CV, and CVCV words with younger students with limited speech. We have been trying it out this week during therapy sessions ourselves and have received some great feedback from our students who all seem to love to recognize the fun holiday of Halloween. They especially like making their own word trains and completing the roll and color tasks while they practice their sounds and words that are related to their level of speech. These type of fun interactive VC, CV, CVCV activities were thought up by Shanda. In fact, she was producing these type of interactive activities years ago on her own computer because she found out how useful they could be for her younger clients who were learning to say their first words, but she couldn't find anything quite like it on the market to buy. 

Check this spooktacular unit out here in our on-line store:
Fun & Interactive Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS
or over at our Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Fun & Interactive Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS 

Pictures and links to the freebie are located below:

Teachers Pay Teachers Link to The Halloween Apraxia Freebie:
FREEBIE! Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC Blog Apraxia Freebie link:
FREEBIE! Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS  

Have a happy and safe Halloween and enjoy the freebie friends! 
 Manda & Shanda, SLPs 

Slide5 Slide4 Slide3 Slide2

Monday, October 20, 2014

Interactive Vocabulary Book: Playground

Hey friends! I'm back today to share a freebie for your early communicators!

I shared my Interactive Vocabulary Book: Playground as a part of my 3rd bloggy birthday! You can head over to Speech Room News and grab your free copy.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday FreeBEES - 10/17/14

Welcome back for another October Friday FreeBEES! You can either link up via your blog post or a note on Facebook! Here are the rules:

If you end up downloading anything from those who link-up, we would all appreciate it if you left feedback or said "thank you" for the free materials! We cannot wait to see what is posted below!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Criteria Charts for Speech and Language

In my district, we love to have kids self-assess and be given a criteria on what they need to do to reach their goal. I wanted to implement this in my speech room as well, so these criteria charts were created specifically for my speech/language kids.  I'm thinking you'll be able to use them too!

This download includes 4 general criteria charts for articulation, language, fluency, and voice, student cards, and "why don't I have it?" visuals.  Read more about it and find out how to download at my blog post HERE!  Happy Hump Day!


Do You Cycle?

Do you have unintelligible students on your caseload? You might want to try this approach first described by Dr. Barbara Hodson, PhD, CCC-SLP about 30 years ago. The basic method includes auditory bombardment, production practice, more auditory bombardment and every third session a stimulability check to determine what to address next. 

The cycling method is an appropriate approach to treatment for unintelligible children who have been found to have phonological process difficulties including final consonant deletion, cluster reduction, fronting, gliding, stopping and several others.

To use a cycling approach, you can use basic materials found in most any SLP office/room. Assembling those materials can be time-consuming, so I’m here to save you some time.

This freebie addresses Cluster Reduction for /sn/ blends with basic instructions and can be found HERE!

Happy Cycling!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emotions Bingo

Not only are Emotions a GREAT thing to work on for students with social skills goals, they are also perfect for kids working on descriptive language skills!!

And the best way to learn them is in a game!

Head here to check out how you can get free Emotions Bingo game with several different sets of calling cards.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Character Trait Pumpkins

Happy *almost* Halloween!  This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite, holidays as a Speech-Language Pathologist. There are tons of amazing books, talking in creature voices, cute games, prize box treats, fun hats, etc.......I love it all! 

Social skills and demonstrating good character traits has become a huge focus at my school. On every morning announcement we review our character trait of the month and social skill of the week. They also discuss character traits in their reading and social studies lessons. I enjoy being able to support students with these particular lessons as part of my inclusion schedule. Halloween seemed like the perfect time to review some of these same topics with my pull-out groups. 

I love the creativity!
I ended up deciding on a mobile that is k-5 approved (even by my picky 3rd graders!). Much of it is driven by their choices, which is something that my students really enjoy after several hours of having to follow the class schedule. (I've noticed that many of the classroom crafts even turn out looking pretty uniform.) It took us about two sessions and a little bit of imagination dust to complete. 

To learn more about this craft project, head on over to my blog by clicking on the image below.

A spider themed game!

First posted 10/22/12:

I love Eric Carle’s book,  The Very Busy Spider!  (I love all of his books really, but I especially love this book for this time of year.)  I tend to read it often in the fall, probably because this is the time when we start seeing more spiders out right before the cold weather hits.  Also it lends itself to discussing the difference between arachnids and insects.  But maybe the biggest reason I love doing spider activities in the fall is because these are activities that are culturally appropriate. Even if in your school you can’t talk about that crazy word “Halloween”.  You can ALWAYS talk about spiders!!!

If you haven’t read it, this book is great for PK and early Elementary kiddos.  Its a repetitive story about how numerous farm animals want to play with a spider but the spider is too busy to play (you’ll have to get the book to find out why).  You can discuss farm animals, the noises the make, the things they like to do.  As the book is repetitious your children will begin to repeat or predict and anticipate words in the story as you read!
Inspired by this book I made a fun little game that you could do in conjunction with reading the book or separately as a reinforcement activity!  So its great for any type of speech, language, voice, fluency, social skills activity.

Your students will each get their own spider web sheet. 

The object is to collect all four flies AND their spider from the hodge-podge of spiders, flies, and farm animals that you place in a bucket, pile or even under stimulus cards!
Symbols from Boardmaker:  The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2010 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.  Boardmaker™ is a trademark of Mayer-Johnson LLC.  DynaVox Mayer-Johnson; 2100 Wharton Street; Suite 400; Pittsburgh, PA 15203; Phone: 1 (800) 588-4548; Fax: 1 (866) 585-6260; Email:; Web site:

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