Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Basketball Pronouns!

Pronouns are one of those skills that we need endless amounts of activities, right?  I have a few little ones who keep mixing up 'he' and 'she' so I created a new activity to help all of us!  With March Madness right around the corner, I decided to go with a basketball theme!
Here is a sneak peek!  The download includes 32 cards to target 'he' and 'she' pronouns with adorable graphics, plus a game board!

Head over to my blog, Crazy Speech World, to check it out... and Happy Ballin'!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Graphic Organizers!

Looking for more fun graphic organizers?  How about with a St. Patrick's Day theme?!  Check out how you can grab this 3-in-1 download!

 Check out my post and how you can grab this freebie HERE!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dinosaur Preschool Language Packet

Happy Monday!

Today I am sharing a Dinosaur Preschool Language Packet. This packet is 30 pages and covers a variety of language topics including an open-ended game board, "what" questions with visuals for answers, yes/no questions, categories, prepositions, and rewards tokens.

Take a sneak peek:

Want to learn more? Download this packet for free here!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Farm Preschool BINGO

Today is my one-year blogging anniversary! To celebrate this fun day, I have created a freebie!

Do your preschoolers love playing BINGO? Most of mine just love matching pictures, and BINGO is one of the best ways I have found to improve vocabulary and increase expressive language by labeling objects. This freebie includes four BINGO boards and cards that feature farm items as well as non-farm items.

Most of my preschoolers do not grasp the concept that four or five markers in a row will equal a BINGO. Therefore, when I play BINGO with my kids, I have them fill the whole board. The student to fill the whole board first will get a BINGO.

Take a look at a sample BINGO board below:

Learn more about this freebie and download it for free here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pronoun People Go Fish

Hi everyone!

Are you working hard to master those darn pronouns? So many of my students are working on pronouns he and she, and it seems to take a long time to master that goal. Because it can take so long, some of my students get really bored of using the same few activities over and over. Therefore, I have created a pronoun activity that is played similar to Go Fish. Take a look below.

The activity is fun and easy! To learn more about it and to download it for free, please go to Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Superhero Sentence Comprehension!

Are you working on auditory comprehension?  Are you struggling to find activities that address this goal at the sentence level?  Well, I have a freebie just for you!

Just click HERE to jump over to my blog to learn more, see images, and to grab this fun activity!

Rhyme Time

February is almost over and March is right around the corner.  Classrooms across the country will be celebrating a certain author's birthday at the start of March.  You know who I mean, right? ;)  To accompany books you might be reading this month in your speech rooms and classrooms, I've created this simple rhyming activity:

For more info (and to download), head over to Carrie's Speech Corner!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hedgehog Grammar Unit

This weekend I spent some time on the couch with a wicked cold.  So, I multi-tasked and finished up a Hedgehog Grammar Unit that I have been working on.  

I wanted to offer a portion of that unit for free to you!  What you will receive in this freebie is part of the Regular Past Tense Verbs section offered in the larger full version of the Hedgehog Grammar Unit.  There are 28 content cards, 2 special cards (that can be duplicated), 1 worksheet, and instruction card.

So, head on over to my blog and grab this freebie!

Have a GREAT week!

The Great Animal Sort!

The last few weeks, our PreK students have been learning about animals. I created an animal sort activity with pictures and sorting mats! This activity includes farm animals, zoo animals, and sea animals! Hope you find this activity useful!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Three Billy Goats Gruff Barrier Game

Everyone loves a good barrier game to work on expressive and receptive prepositions, vocabulary and grammar!

You can enjoy my free Three Billy Goats Gruff Barrier Game that is a part of the Intervention Activities with my new Dynamic Assessment/RTI unit. In case you've never done a barrier game before, I've included directions.

Click here to find out how to get them!

"Let's Get Dressed" - Language Development Freebie

I loved cutting out paper dolls when I was a child! I have often sent black and white copies of clothing and dolls as carry over sheets in Speech Therapy but they were never as cute as the real thing. So I was excited when I bought the graphics to make this freebie.

It is a pack with many uses. Teach vocabulary, pronouns, two or three word combinations or make activities for following multi-step directions.

You can print pages and send home as they are or laminate and use with velcro in your Speech Room.

Download your freebie here from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If you download it and use it, I would love if you would leave me a comment to tell me what activity you used it for!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pot of Gold Go Togethers

Do you have students working on associations?  Are you looking for more St. Patrick's Day activities?!  Hop on over to my blog to grab this fun freebie!
 Click here to check it out!  

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick

I'm guessing you have at least one of the "Old Lady" books in your speech room. I LOVE these books for all sorts of speech and language intervention. The best part, is that the kids love them too! I've been making book units for each of the them and want to share a freebie for my latest unit, "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick!"

The documents can be used to encourage students to compare and contrast vocabulary strategies.

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Language and Articulation Packet

Who's excited for St. Patrick's Day? I am!

March is always a good month. With spring break only a few weeks away, St. Patrick's Day is always an exciting time in the schools.

Therefore, I have created a whole speech and language packet about this holiday just for preschoolers!

There are many activities included in this packet.

Articulation = Pot of Gold Articulation Cards that target phonemes /k/, /g/, /m/, /b/, and /p/. There are 12 cards each for initial, medial, and final positions for each phoneme. These cards can also be used to target language skills like describing objects, naming categories, etc.

Pot of Gold Dice Game that can be used for both articulation cards and language activities.

Language = Following directions, similarities/differences, and describing.

To learn more about this freebie and to download it, please visit my blog Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology. Thanks!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

POP! An Open Ended Card Game!

Who doesn't need more open ended games?  I made one just for this week with cute heart balloons!
 You can easily use this game to target any skill you need!  There are 24 point cards...

 and 8 penalty cards!  Want more?  Click HERE to head over to Crazy Speech World to read more and download!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Graphic Organizers for SLPs

Do you like using graphic organizers in your therapy room?  Do you wish you had more opportunities to teach and/or practice this strategy?!  How about a Valentine's Day themed freebie!  Hop on over to my blog to learn more, view more images and grab it for yourself!
Click HERE :)

Understanding Emotions

Hi there!

Do any of you work with little ones that tend to exhibit difficult behaviors? Maybe some of them do not seem to care that they are hurting others in the classroom? This is not necessarily because the student does not care, but perhaps the student just does not fully understand specific emotions. I work with a little one who tends to exhibit some difficult behaviors and will hurt others in the classroom if he becomes angry or upset. I've decided to work on understanding emotions with this individual because he does not seem to notice if someone is crying or hurt due to something he did. That is how this little game came to be.

The download includes four emotions: angry, happy, scared, and sad. It is played like a game. The student is asked a question (similar to the ones shown below) and then he is asked how the individual feels. The student can select the correct answer from two given answers. Each card is worth 1 point, and if he reaches 10 points before the session is over, then he gets a little treat!

To learn more about this freebie and to download it, please visit my blog here: 

Rainbow Synonyms

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share one of my older activities that you may have missed.  St. Patty's day is right around the corner and I know a lot of teachers and SLPs who like to use a rainbow theme around that time!

Here's the activity:

I picked up these very cute rainbow graphics from My Grafico and came up with a quick game to reinforce synonyms.  There are synonym pairs printed on the clouds.  If you choose to, you can use scrapbooking scissors to cut the rainbow halves apart or put a sticker on the back before you cut them apart.  These ideas will make the activity self-correcting.

Head on over to my blog page for more information!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Bugs!

I can feel the love, can you?  You guys have been so great to me that I felt the need to spread some love...
Vocab Bugs! is a download to target antonyms, synonyms, and homophones with little love bugs, perfect for Valentine's Day!  

Here is a peek of the antonym bugs!  I hope you like it!  

Birthday Cake Race Game

Happy Monday! I hope you're all enjoying the wonderful freebies. I have another one for you today. It's an open-ended birthday-themed game that everyone can play! Simply have your students place their pawns on the girl with the scooter. Have them race from cake to cake to try and be the first one to help the girl eat her cake. The first one at the end is the winner!

Download this freebie at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology now!


Spring-time Synonyms

Hi Everyone! I'm back with a spring-themed FREEBIE for you!  I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for springtime!  Here's a new activity for those of you working with mid to upper elementary:

You can use this activity with your speech and language groups to target synonyms and antonyms.  Or, you could use it as a bulletin board idea:  "Pick a Better Word" for these overused words!

Bulletin Board variation

Head on over to my page, Carrie's Speech Corner to download!  Happy (almost) Spring!

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