Saturday, February 2, 2013

Caught You Using Good Speech

Good morning everyone! My name is Jessica Chase and I am a certified speech-language pathologist. I am the author of the blog Consonantly Speaking and the creator/manager of this new blog, Speechie Freebies. I work in a public school with K-12 students with students who have anywhere from articulation difficulties to autism to selective mutism. Prior to completing my degree in speech-language pathology, I worked at a camp for children with disabilities for 12+ years. My areas of interest include use of technology in speech-language therapy, fluency disorders, and social skill techniques/therapy.

Today for my first freebie, I wanted to create a way to work on carryover in the classroom. When I first saw creative fishbowl ideas for behavior management, I decided to adapt the ideas for carryover!

Visit my blog to learn more about this carryover strategy and to download the motivational cards that go along with it!

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