Friday, February 1, 2013

Royal Describing

Hi friends! I am CC, author of possibly the longest-running Speech Pathology Blog on the web, If Only I Had Super Powers. I was honored to be interviewed by the ASHA Leader in November and am honored to be included in the Speechie Freebies blog as well!

I am an elementary school based Speech-Language Pathologist and have worked on both coasts in the United States. I spend a significant portion of each day with children with severe communication delays. I love to create visuals, simple AAC, and use voice output devices! I work on articulation and language with the rest of my students using literature and high-level vocabulary activities.

The Freebie I want to share with you comes from my new Paper Bag Princess Unit (although you can use this freebie even without reading the book!). It works on generating descriptors based on a word and/or using descriptors to guess the word. If you have any kids who love princes, princesses or dragons, they should love this freebie!

Click here to find out how to download this freebie (note: it's in the "Download Preview" section!).

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