Thursday, February 7, 2013

Understanding Emotions

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Do any of you work with little ones that tend to exhibit difficult behaviors? Maybe some of them do not seem to care that they are hurting others in the classroom? This is not necessarily because the student does not care, but perhaps the student just does not fully understand specific emotions. I work with a little one who tends to exhibit some difficult behaviors and will hurt others in the classroom if he becomes angry or upset. I've decided to work on understanding emotions with this individual because he does not seem to notice if someone is crying or hurt due to something he did. That is how this little game came to be.

The download includes four emotions: angry, happy, scared, and sad. It is played like a game. The student is asked a question (similar to the ones shown below) and then he is asked how the individual feels. The student can select the correct answer from two given answers. Each card is worth 1 point, and if he reaches 10 points before the session is over, then he gets a little treat!

To learn more about this freebie and to download it, please visit my blog here: 

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