Monday, March 18, 2013

Expanding Expressive and Receptive Language

Do you have any students working on labeling verbs, attributes, or nouns? Most of my preschoolers have similar goals, and it's always hard to find activities (especially ones that target labeling attributes) for these types of goals.

The freebie that I am posting today targets expressive and receptive language skills. There are three boards included in the download (one for verbs, one for attributes, and one for nouns).

To target receptive skills, simply say the prompts on the game board and have the student point to the correct box. To target expressive skills, ask the student a question like, "What is this?" and have the student respond accordingly.

You can also use this activity to follow simple one-step directions!

Take a look at the sample board below:

Download this activity for free at my blog: Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology



  1. Thanks for the great add to my materials!

  2. Look forward to using this activity with my language groups!


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