Monday, April 8, 2013

Jump Frog Jump Mini Book Companion

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted here on Speechie Freebies, but I am finally back from spring break with a fabulous freebie!

So this is my very first book companion packet. It is a shorter packet as I'm trying to get the hang of it, and I want to hear what you all think of it! This book and packet is perfect for the Pre-K population.

Included in the download is:
Following directions related to basic concepts (colors and prepositions).
Following directions related to shapes (gluing shapes on a snake).
Answering WH-questions with visuals as answers (only two small pages).
Singular/plural noun pages.
Preposition homework pages (encourages scissor cutting and gluing).
Open-ended frog game board.

Take a peek at the sample below:

Head on over to Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology to download this freebie!

Please leave feedback and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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