Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shine/Sign Sliding Worksheet FREEBIE

I've been working with a little guy on his /s/ sound which sounds more like /sh/. He wants to protrude his tongue and tends to keep it flatter than optimal.  We've discussed the difference between both positioning and sound of /s/ and /sh/, and we discuss "make your sound skinnier."  He's beginning to get the hang of it!

I had another little guy who was working on /s/ clusters earlier in the year.  I had created some "sliding worksheets" that really seemed to help drive home the need for a strong /s/ sound before finishing the word.  I thought something similar might help my sh/s guy visualize the sound better, so I created minimal pair sheets with the sliding line thinner or wider depending on whether or not it was a /sh/ or /s/.

If you'd like to give this a try yourself grab a FREE copy of shine/sign here.
If you think you'll need more practice than that, try the entire pack of eight (8) worksheets here.  (Note:  shine/sign is not duplicated in the pack)

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