Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Speech on the Beach (Summer Activities for Artic Practice at Home)

Phew, summer is finally here!  Be sure to send your artic kiddos home with activities—fun ones that they’ll actually do—so you aren’t starting all over again in September!
Print out a copy of the instructions and the calendar for each student.  Then, make a word list with words grouped in sets of three.  You will need to create a word set for each week your kiddos are out of school. 

I’d suggest using words that you know they have just about mastered (80% or higher) and there is no need to stick with only one target.  The purpose is to get automaticity with words that are nearly there to keep skills sharp, encourage carry-over and, hopefully, to get some generalization.

A word list for initial “l” might look like this for one month:
June 9-15:          look, like, luck
June 16-22:        lunch, lip, lid
June 23-29:       last, long, low
June 30-July 6:   lick, lap, loud

You can pick up your free copy here.

Enjoy your time off!

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