Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fluency Tower Game Mats

I came across a pin for “Fluency Jenga” a few months ago which I thought was a great idea.  I modified it for my students which allowed us to still have fun, but brought more focus back to our “speech tools.”

Each time a player pulls a block from the tower, they place it on their game mat which gives them a short reading passage (a quote or a riddle) and elicits spontaneous language when they solve the riddle or finish the quote. 

I hate to mention that the first day of school will quickly be upon us since we're all enjoying the middle of summer.  That said, I've got a back-to-school freebie for you.  This game mat is a "Get to Know Me" with open ended questions and can be used for fluency or with a blank Jenga game as an icebreaker for any students.  Hopefully it will allow you a few more minutes in the sun!

For more info on how to play and to receive the free download click here.

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