Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preschool Data Collection Forms

With a new school year looming, I had to revamp my data collection process. I will be seeing a few different groups of students this year, so I need to have a few different ways to collect data.

For all of my ECSE students, I will be doing push-in services. I needed to have a good way to collect data while sitting on the floor playing with the students in groups.

For my pull-out students, I have a great data sheet that I created in the Spring that seemed to work. I plan to use that again this year.

Finally, I am planning on doing 5 Minute Kids articulation work with my ECSE articulation students, so I needed a good data sheet for them. I created this:

To download these forms and to learn more about how I use each of them, please check out the blog Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology.

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  1. Very nice! I always find it to be a challenge to keep my preschool students entertained while keeping data especially during push-in. I often end up taking my notes following my sessions which works well but really tests my memory. Thanks for the good suggestions:)

    Heather Marchuck
    Quart Size Communicators


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