Friday, October 4, 2013

Before/After Fill-in the Blank Sheet!

A few weeks ago I shared one of my before/after materials I use for therapy (Before/After Events freebie) on my Communication Station blog.  I got a lot of feedback from many therapists about needing more before/after materials.  I thought, what better way to reach more SLPs out there needing these materials than by sharing it here on Speechie Freebies?!  So today I'm sharing with you my Before/After Fill-in the Blank sheet.  This is different than my previous Before/After Events material (so if you want to grab that freebie also you can click on the link above).  My fill in the blank sheet consists of 20 sequenced events where only one word (before or after) will fit in the blank to create a logical sentence.  

The nice thing about this sheet is you can send it home for homework or you can have students (readers) work on this sheet individually or in pairs while you work individually with another student in group therapy.  All but the last sentence are about events most children should be familiar with.  I added a football reference in the last sentence for my boys and girls who love football!

Want your free copy?  
You can grab it here!

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