Friday, November 8, 2013

Regular and Irregular Past Tense Sentences

Fall Irregular Past Tense Verb sentences

I've been working on regular and irregular past tense verb with one of my clients.  So I made these worksheets for us to use.  Firstly, I introduced the rule of regular past tense ('ed), then we discussed exceptions to the rules.  After a few sessions of practice, I read these sentences aloud to see if my client could determine which sentence "sounded" correct.  Once I determined that he could "hear" what "sounded" correct in my speech, then I gave him an opportunity to read each sentence quietly to himself and determine which he thought was correct (this was done during a different therapy session).  After each sheet was completed, he read each sentence aloud to see if any of his answers changed.  This way I was able to determine the following:  1) Does he notice correct/incorrect grammar in my speech?, 2) Does he notice correct/incorrect grammar when he is reading silently?, 3) Does reading aloud change/improve his ability to identify correct/incorrect grammar?.  Then I compared his performance of this activity to his own conversational grammar.  This way I knew which areas still needed to be targeted.

Feel free to use these sheets any way you wish.  They could also be good independent or homework tasks for students.

There are two sheets, on one for regular and one for irregular past tense.  

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