Friday, January 10, 2014

Design Your Own Winter Sport Freebie

Hello amazing Speechie Freebie readers!

This is my first freebie as part of Speechie Freebies, and I'm SO excited to have been invited to this amazing collaborative blog and group of SLPs. Thank you!!

I hope to post freebies that are both useful and creative for all of you wonderful SLPs. This time, I've created a freebie that would be great for your speech rooms - just in time for the winter Olympics. 

Included in the freebie is everything you and your students need to design their own winter sport! The entire packet contents are in black and white for easy prep and printing. Just print, cut, and assemble into a mini book. Check out some preview pictures below:



Just head on over to my blog, Speechy Musings, here to read more and download the freebie!

Thanks for having me!

-Shannon aka Speechy Musings

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