Friday, January 24, 2014

Practicum Binder Organizer

Many of you may know that I am currently in my second (and last!) year of graduate school. I'm in the first weeks of my school practicum and wanted a way to keep everything organized! I used a system similar to this last year at my medical placement, and altered it a bit for the school setting. 

This will hopefully be useful to those graduate students out there, or SLPs who are supervising graduate students! They will appreciate any help you can give them!

Below is what is included:
-Binder cover
-Clockhours spreadsheet
-Student information sheets
-Weekly to do list
-Schedule sheets for each day of the week

Everything is black and white because I plan to print lots of each of these sheets! If this looks like something you could use, click here to see how I use it and get the link to download!

Thanks for reading and stay warm!!

Shannon aka Speechy Musings

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