Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Day Language Fun FREEBIE!

Brrr!  It’s suddenly so cold!  Relax during your snow day knowing you have a few worksheets ready for the next day.  (Worksheets print black and white to help with costs.)  The first looks at attributes, the second at sequencing and the third at categorization.  In an ideal world, I’d bring some snow into the room for the snowball attributes and some instant hot chocolate and marshmallows so we really get the sequencing just right! 

If the weather doesn’t cooperate this year, I’ll bring in white play dough or Model Magic to make snowballs and snowmen.  Last year, I saw the brilliant idea of adding clear glitter to play dough (homemade, but if you mix it into a purchased canister you still get credit) to make it more “snowy.”

Take a minute to pick up your FREEBIE and wishing you at least one cozy, lazy morning in front of the fire!

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