Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are You in the, "Hot Seat?!" FREEBIE

Children, speech impaired or not, can feel anxious in school or social situations where they are unprepared or made to be the center of attention such as being called upon to answer questions, asked to present on a topic, or have forgotten to bring in an assignment. For school age children, it can be difficult for them to understand or express this feeling appropriately. Often they withdraw, cry, or act out.

To help make this abstract concept concrete, I created a thermometer FREEBIE that is broken into three three color coded sections ; cool/blue, warm/purple, and hot/red, to represent the physical feelings attached to possible emotions they may be feeling. 

You can grab your copy of this FREEBIE and find out more on how to use it HERE.


A Speechie Sweet Treat

I made a fun easy, prep craftivity that you can use with your artic kiddos that is perfect for all year round or right around Easter time because it involves jelly beans!

Simply print my FREE template for the jars on cardstock, cut out gumballs/jelly beans on construction paper or just print the template on construction paper and glue onto the jar.  Next have your students write in their articulation words they are working on and you have a SWEET craft!

Go to my blog to grab that template!  Hope this helps keep things interesting while you are doing some drill and kill artic practice!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guessing Games Category Visual Freebie

I recently made a product for use with games like Hedbanz and Jeepers Peepers. While it is a paid product, I wanted to share the first two pages with you FOR FREE. These pages will help your students ask/identify the category using icons! Check out the image of the assembled page below:

If you are interested in downloading this freebie, click here to see my Interactive Visuals for Guessing Games, Describing, and Inferencing and DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW. 

Enjoy and happy guessing!

Shannon aka Speechy Musings

PS: If you're interested in seeing more about the full product, or to see more pictures of the freebie, you can see my blog post about it here.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mustache Dice Descriptions

Describing is one of the most difficult tasks for my students with language impairments.  They often give very nonspecific descriptions or are completely unable to complete the task.  When we are first learning how to describe appropriately I give them hints and require only a few areas of description.  Then, as they improve their skills, I require more of them.  To add a little bit of fun to this task, we use a die to play this freebie that I have for you today: Mustache Dice Descriptions!

Learn more about this and download for free here.  Also, hop over to the Facebook page for more updates on freebies like this!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Presidential Speech!

Since this week was President's Day, I decided to create a freebie just for that!  But the good thing about our presidents…they can be used any time of the year!
Over on Crazy Speech World, I am showing you how to make this simple little craft for Abe and George…or you can just snag the FREE worksheet!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lucky Speech Open-Ended Game

You asked.  I delivered.  For those of you who are loving my reinforcement games that are made to be played with real food (or pretend objects if food isn't allowed), this freebie is for you!  Lots of you wanted one that could be played with Lucky Charms cereal.  Check it out!

Lucky Speech is a cute St. Patrick's themed open-ended game that can be played with any skill or card deck.  Check out more about how to grab it at my blog HERE.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FREE! 6 Speech Tips To Clearer & More Accurate Speech & 3 to 5 Word or Syllable Speech Pacing Boards

Hello! This is the Manda and Shanda from Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC.  We have buzzed back this month to the Speechie Freebie site with a new Freebie that we put together for our speech-language pathologist friends who are working on increasing intelligibility and overall verbal expression skills with their students.

The first handout in this freebie packet is a poster titled: Six Speech Techniques For Clearer Speech

These techniques are great ones to review often with our speech students with reduced intelligibility. Here is a description of each step to review before and during speech practice of multi-syllable words and sentence productions.

1) Increase loudness: This is a great cue for the soft talker who is hard to hear as a reduced voice intensity can be a big part to reduced speaking intelligibility.

2) Say each word slower: Decreasing the students rate of speech often improves their intelligibility.

3) Swallow: This is to help clear any built up saliva in the students mouth. Built up saliva or other food or liquid residue can impede speaking intelligibility quite a bit.

4) Say each sound in every word: This really helps to slow down the fast talker and to remind them that each sound is important to say.

5) Sit up straight: This helps increase breath support and improves the students ability to project their voice and be heard.

6) Look at your listener: This helps to provide additional facial clues to your listener and that improves overall understanding. This also shows that the student is an interested person in the on-going conversation and that they care about what is being said.

The additional two pages in this freebie are two winter themed pacing boards. Please have the student who needs to slow down and concentrate more on their individual sounds within words or the words within their sentences use them. They are to simply tap a penguin or number for each syllable or word that they producing out loud. The tapping on the page is a nice visual and tactile reminder of what it is like to slow down and to concentrate on each production while talking to others. It helps to remind the student that every sound and word is important and that they should not be missed when talking!

An example of a treatment goal using these materials includes:
1) Johnny will be 80% accurate and intelligible with the production of three syllable words given access to a speech pacing board. 
2) Susie will demonstrate a 90% overall sentence level speaking intelligibility with min cues to utilize her six speech improvement techniques. 

Enjoy the freebie and best wishes for much success with improving the speaking intelligibility, and the overall multisyllable word and sentence verbal productions for all of your students.

Click HERE to be directed to our blog and to obtain the link to Teachers pay Teachers where we have the freebie available for you to download.  Thanks!

Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP & Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologists
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Context Clues Graphic Organizer

Are you looking for a way to teach students how to look for clues and infer meanings of unknown words?!  Use this fun, winter themed graphic organizer with any text or task card activity!

Hop on over to my blog by clicking HERE to learn more about it and grab it!!

Vocabulary Expansion Assessment & Data Collection

Hi Everyone!

Is your district doing an Educator Evaluation system where you have to develop Student Learning and Professional Practice Goals?  Mine is!  This year, I'm focusing on expanding vocabulary in my preschool students using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET).  To track their progress, I've created some data collection sheets.  The sheets look like this:

You can find out more information on my Self-Directed Growth Plan, my SLG and PPG, and download these forms on my blog page.

Enjoy! :)

Social Traps for St. Patrick's Day

Leprechauns & Unthinkables have a lot in common. They are both sneaky! I decided to pair the two for my students working with Michelle Garcia Winner's Superflex Curriculum.

Leprechauns are famous for playing tricks on people. We can think about Unthinkables in the same way. They try to trick us into using unexpected behavior.

Sometimes the Unthinkables do things that might be a warning that they are trying to set a trap for us. For example, if we feel like we can’t sit still that is a warning. Energy Hare-y is getting close to trapping us! We need to watch out for those traps and use strategies to outsmart the Unthinkables! If we’re not careful they will trap us into using unexpected behavior. That will make others have weird thoughts about us.

Head over to Speech Room News and grab the freebie!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Unwrap the Birthday Gifts!

Kiddos love surprises, especially brightly wrapped surprises!  This open-ended worksheet can be used in a number of different ways:  articulation, prepositional concepts, size concepts, categories, etc.  Get creative!  For ideas on using this in your therapy room, and to pick up your free copy, click here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Award

Every speech student has something to celebrate! It might be they met their articulation goal. Or maybe they remembered the three idioms you've been practicing...

My freebie to you is an award to help them celebrate in a SUPER way!

You can customize your award to say whatever you want. I recently gave one to a student who was moving and just said that it was for "Being a Super Speech Student!"

Have fun!

Download your freebie here.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Token Strips


Since Valentine's day is quickly approaching I thought I'd share a quick fun way to celebrate the day!!!  I made these simple token strips as a fun quick reinforcement game for any speech and language goals.  There are so many ways you can use these strips.  I've included three of my favorite ways on the cover sheet of this packet.  Simply print, cut and grab some tokens or bingo chips and you are on your way.

Grab your freebie here!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Enjoy!!!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Riddles!!

Hey everyone! I'm Kristine from Live Love Speech and SUPER excited to now be a collaborator for Speechie Freebies!  I love creating speech and language materials (especially FREEBIES!) for all of you!!  With that said....I found this adorable cupcake (YUM!) clipart and Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  Put the two together and VOILA...Valentine's Day Riddles Freebie!! 

Here is just a little sample of some riddles you will receive in this download.  Are the cupcakes making you hungry yet?!

I hope you enjoy using these cute Valentine's Day themed riddles in your speech room!  Head over to my blog to grab this freebie!

I can't wait to create more fun freebies for you all!!


Social Response Organizer

Hi there, I'm Maureen from The Speech Bubble!  I am thrilled to join this amazing group of creative SLPs as a collaborator.  I love creating fun and helpful speech resources for all of you, especially freebies ;)

Students with pragmatic difficulties can have a hard time navigating conversations and interactions. So with holidays, like Valentine's Day, coming up it can add some extra pressure.  While discussing what to say in situations with my students I noticed that some needed more support than just 'talking it out'.  So here is a Social Response Organizer you can use with your students to help plan out their responses.  You can see the full post and get your freebie HERE.

sig1_bird (2)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

St. Patty's Day Vocabulary Cards

I'm getting organized a little early for next month since I have a fairly crazy few weeks ahead of me workload wise. I hope sharing this with you now helps you to stay on track if you have busy weeks ahead as well!

My other vocabulary cards have received great feedback so I thought I would share this set for St. Patrick's Day.

Click through to my store at Speech Therapy Games to download.

READ MY LIPS- SLP's are the best!

My son is a kindergartener, so I was actually ahead of the game and came up with a cute Valentine's day card idea that can also be used as a fun idea to give to co-workers and your students that is perfect for an SLP to give!

I found these fun lip whistles that can also be used as oral motor tools or a toy that can teach simple cause/effect.  Go over to my blog to grab the FREE template and see where I got these fun whistles!  If you scroll down, you will also see a pic of me having a little fun with these luscious lips.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Classroom Vocabulary

Good Morning All! Today I have a short and sweet vocabulary activity that you can use during the next few weeks. It includes some general course based vocabulary that I have had to define to my students lately (some of them are just added in from kids asking me what words meant). Head over to my blog for more info!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Give 100%!

I can't wait for the Olympics to start!  I'm always so impressed with how hard the athletes work, always giving 100%.  Even if they don't go home with the gold medal, there is no doubt they've had success!  Our students can show off their own effort and skills with these reinforcement sheets.  Check out my blog to see how they can be used for artic, language goals, even math facts!  There are two sheets, both print black and white.  One allows you to simply track trials, the other allows for a quick lesson in percentages.

There are 100 trials to track on each page, so if you haven't celebrated the 100th day of school yet (due to snow days!) it can serve double duty!

Click here to grab your copies.

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