Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spotlight Saturday: LinguiSystems

Welcome back for the third Spotlight Saturday! Today we are featuring LinguiSystems! They are definitely another leader in products, assessments, and technology for speech-language pathologists!

LinguiSystems mission statement is to "support SLPs with products of unparalleled quality and guarantee them for life, and to offer the best service on the planet". Linda Bowers and Rosemary Huisingh, co-owners/founders of LinguiSystems, have been creating speech-language pathology materials since 1977 and shipping them same-day for free!

LinguiSystems may sell hundreds of materials on their website, but they also generously offer free CEUs (30+), a research library in which you can access, printable materials, guides, and sample pages! If you have a free LinguiSystems account, you can access these as well as sales and contests!

The free materials on LinguiSystems website help speech-language pathologists
continue their education, assist in choosing the most appropriate assessment, provide education on speech and language milestones to parents/clients/caregivers, and use fun therapy activities in their practices!

As stated in last week's post, speech-language pathologists need at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years, which can get costly. Luckily, LinguiSystems can help take care of some of your continuing education hours for free on their website! These CEUs are also available in multiple formats (online courses, content based on The Source series, etc.). In addition, LinguiSystems provides current evidence-based practice in their Research Library as well as access to Research on Request. This means that you can ask researchers questions about the evidence behind various practices and they will answer your questions within 24 hours (available Monday-Friday during business hours)! How amazing is that?!

LinguiSystems provides informational guides and articles for speech-language pathologists to keep up on the latest research and evidence in the field on their Free Downloads page. You can download PDFs of their Guide to Counseling for SLPs, Guide to Communication Milestones, Guide to RtI, Testing Guide, and Guide to Evidence Based Practice as well as informational handouts (News You Can Use) related to cleft palate, dysphagia, autism, software, assessment, and more! More free downloads from LinguiSystems top products are available, including printable games, in their Top Drawer Freebies section! Finally, you can download PDF samples of most of their products, to help you determine whether or not you would like to purchase the product; but you can utilize the downloads in therapy in the meantime as well! LinguiSystems doesn't currently offer any free applications for mobile devices or TheraLink online products, but you can trial most of their applications as well as TheraLink for free, just like their physical products!

Finally, don't forget to sign up for a free LinguiList account at LinguiSystems to access all of these freebies, but also to be notified of their sales and giveaways via e-mail!

Something else to keep in mind, which hopefully won't happen too often, is that LinguiSystems offers disaster relief for those who have been impacted by natural disasters. That means that if your LinguiSystems products become lost/damaged in a natural disaster, they will replace the materials.

We hope to see you next week when we feature free content from another favorite website in the speech-language pathology field!

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