Monday, April 14, 2014

Jelly Bean Jigglers!

I wanted to make a cute fun Easter themed game for ALL of my clients.  For reasons of versatility, I made this simple reinforcement game from graphics I found on and microsoft PPT, laminated it and done! Now I can take it with me to all of my sessions this week.  You can use this game for any of your speech or language goals.  I am also using the colorful jelly beans to work on color identification and counting (1 to 1 correspondence) for my PK kiddos, just to embed some academic skills within our therapy.  Anyone else thinking about bringing some really jelly beans to therapy to use with this game? I know I am!!! :)



  1. Great game! I love this community of intelligent and generous people!

  2. Thanks! The kiddos are going to love this!


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