Monday, May 19, 2014

Top 40 Music:: Guess Who

photo 3-001I've been struggling to find things to finish out the school year in Middle School. My middle schoolers are all severely delayed. Most are reading at mid-elementary school level and they can't keep up with my junior high level materials. It's been hard to find things that will work for them because they are super aware when something looks 'babyish.'  We've used my YouTube companion packet and Shannon's Music Themed Companion Worksheets. Those were great but we're a little worn out from those. 

  photo 4 

My middle schoolers really work hard for a chance to play a game at the end of a session, but they can't keep up with the middle school level language games in my stash.   This week I took a childhood fav and gave it a middle school makeover. Guess Who meets Jay-Z. It's a game they are actually able to play and since I added pictures of Drake... it's not 'too' babyish.

Head over to Speech Room News and download the inserts for free! 

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  1. You should look into news2you it is an amazing "newspaper" with current events at the lower level and tons of paper and computer based activities to go with it. It is not free but it is sooo worth the cost.


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