Monday, July 28, 2014

FREEBIE Activity To Target Impulse Control!

So many of my speech kids have deficits with executive functioning, especially my students on the Autism spectrum and students with ADD/ADHD, that it is important to know WHAT executive functioning is and tips/tricks to help improve it in the classroom!

This activity is a fun warm up to help children work on impulse control and flexibility. This activity is based on Brain Rules and used to help with improving executive functioning. Slide4
I made visuals for the night/day activity as well as a summer/winter version of the activity. The Pleasantest Thing shares a similar activity using animals and body parts from magazine pictures. Come on over to The Dabbling Speechie and snag this freebie!

I was also getting crafty early this summer and thought I would share this other freebie!!

summer time magnets 1 
 Head over to my blog for the how-to to make your own summer themed magnets and how you can use them in the speech room to target language goals!

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