Friday, September 26, 2014

A Fan-tastic Football Freebie!

It's football season!  Time to tailgate and root for your favorite teams!  A lot of my students, especially the boys, delight in anything that has to do with sports so this year I have a couple open-ended football reinforcement sheets.

Football Challenge (Colored helmets): Students roll the die and check off the matching box (once they’ve completed a trial). The helmet with all 5 boxes filled in first is the winning team! Bonus: Have students create a logo for each helmet and explain why it suits each team.

Football Tackle (Player Silhouettes): Have the student(s) choose their “team” by starring three (3) of the players on the sheet. Then, start rolling the die and match the number to the player, crossing out a box each time. Once the boxes are filled beneath a player, X him out because he’s been tackled! The team with the last standing player is the winner.

If you print one copy and laminate, you can use dry erase markers and save on ink!

For your game day fun, click here.

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