Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A NEW NAME, A NEW ADDRESS, A NEW LOOK and A Halloween Themed Apraxia Roll, Color & Say FREEBIE!!!

Hello Speechie Freebie visitors! Shanda and I are making a big announcement today! We have officially changed our name from Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC to:
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC!

Also, we moved our blog to a new location and gave it a brand new streamlined vintage look that included the re-invention of a new logo and banner! Yay! A whole new look for us! Please come and check it out.  We would love for you to follow our blog by adding your name to our email sign up at the bottom right hand side of the home page!

Here's a link:

And if you would like the address for book marking on your computer it is: http://twinspeechlanguageandliteracy.com/

We hope to see you there!!

Now on to the fantastic freebie that we are posting today and the spooktacular apraxia treatment document that it is related to!

This freebie is a sampling from our latest apraxia packet that features cute non-spooky, Halloween-themed clip art. It is a fun unit for working on VC, CV, and CVCV words with younger students with limited speech. We have been trying it out this week during therapy sessions ourselves and have received some great feedback from our students who all seem to love to recognize the fun holiday of Halloween. They especially like making their own word trains and completing the roll and color tasks while they practice their sounds and words that are related to their level of speech. These type of fun interactive VC, CV, CVCV activities were thought up by Shanda. In fact, she was producing these type of interactive activities years ago on her own computer because she found out how useful they could be for her younger clients who were learning to say their first words, but she couldn't find anything quite like it on the market to buy. 

Check this spooktacular unit out here in our on-line store:
Fun & Interactive Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS
or over at our Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Fun & Interactive Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS 

Pictures and links to the freebie are located below:

Teachers Pay Teachers Link to The Halloween Apraxia Freebie:
FREEBIE! Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC Blog Apraxia Freebie link:
FREEBIE! Halloween-Themed Apraxia Exercises: VC, CV AND CVCV WORDS  

Have a happy and safe Halloween and enjoy the freebie friends! 
 Manda & Shanda, SLPs 

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