Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Pronoun Fun with The Old Lady & Santa!

Ho, Ho, Ho! It's that time of year!! I love bringing festive therapy materials into my speech sessions. Nothing brings life back into a goal like a fun new activity to target it with! It's no secret, the Old Lady books are extremely popular in classrooms and therapy rooms. The kids love her, so I get every ounce of treatment that I can out of those books. This year I have quite a few kids working on pronouns, so I decided to have a little pronoun fun with the Old Lady & Santa! Check it out!
This activity is intended to be used with the book, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell. However, it is not necessary to own/use the book to complete this activity.
This is a fun & festive way to work on pronouns with your students this season. Included in this packet are interactive worksheets that target him/her/he/she/them/they using The Old Lady and Santa! This activity is purposely left somewhat open ended so you can use it as you need.
Here is how I use this activity:
I like to have my students practice following directions as they demonstrate their pronoun knowledge.
For example: “Give the reindeer to her.” (one step direction)
“Give the sack to him then the bell to her.” (two step directions)
“They want something green that they can put on top of a present.” (inferencing)
Included in this packet are both black and white and colored pictures. I laminate the colored pictures and attach Velcro to keep it as a sturdy, use again activity (ideal for whole group.) I like to let the students have their own black and white copies they can cut, color, and glue (perfect for independent work and informal assessments.)
I would love to hear any new ideas on how you plan to use this activity!!
You can download a copy of this freebie in my TpT store here!

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