Monday, December 15, 2014

Speechie Freebies' Edublog Awards 2014 Nomination!

With the exciting whirlwind of ASHA, we almost forgot missed the Edublog Awards! We are honored to have been nominated again this year (2nd year in a row!) for the best group blog! Thanks to all of you for following and supporting Speechie Freebies! We also want to thank those of you who nominated us for the Edublog Awards last year and this year! We are honored and excited to have made it to the shortlist again! This means a lot to all of our authors!

Now we need your help! Unfortunately, today is the last day of voting! I completely was side tracked by the holidays and good vibes from after ASHA, that I forgot to post it before today! If you find the content of our blog useful in your practice, we would really appreciate it if you would vote for us in the Edublog Awards! Even if we do not win, we are honored to be in the top 24! Here's how you can vote for us:

1. Create a Listly by signing in with the social media account of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn).
2. Once you have created a Listly account and are signed in, head to the Edublog Awards' website and click the Best Group Blog list in the drop-down menu (or click here).
3. Click the "up" arrow underneath Speechie Freebies' box to vote for us!

Another way to vote is to create a Listly like in step #1 above and then click on Speechie Freebies' up arrow in the menu below:

Make sure you check out the other nominated SLP bloggers in other categories! Once again, thank you for all of your support this year! Next year, we will try to be on the ball with posting about the Edublog Awards!

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