Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wintertime Roll, Color & Say Articulation Freebie!

12-2014 TWIN SPEECH FREEBIE Wintertime Roll and Color Articulation  

Enjoy this cute freebie that will keep your students busy and productive. They will have fun rolling, coloring and repeating the different words on each page while targeting the sounds of:
/G/, /L/, L BLENDS, /P/, /R/, VOCALIC R, /S/, S BLENDS, /SH/, /T/, /TH/, /V/!  
Plus we added an open-ended page so that you can put in any sound or word of your own!
Grab it at one of these locations: 


It would be wonderful if you could leave feedback if you have a minute after completing your download. Thanks a bunch for that! 

Have a fun wintertime and a merry Christmas too! 
Manda & Shanda
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC

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