Thursday, January 29, 2015

January organization-organizing your products!

If you are like me, you might be a little bit of a an SLP hoarder.   There are so many great products-especially the awesome products on Speechie Freebies.  Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what you have purchased.   
If you have PowerPoint, I have a great new way for organizing your materials.  Head on over to my blog to see how I use it!  

Draw to Learn Idioms

Draw to Learn Idioms

Hi Everyone! Many of you work on figurative language with your students. Non-literal concepts are often difficult for language-impaired students to understand. Sometimes those sayings just do not make any sense to kids! To help teach there difference between literal and non-literal meanings, I have created an easy-to-use worksheet that can be used with ANY idiom!

Head on over to my blog HERE to read more and grab this FREEBIE!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX

WAHOO!! Super Bowl weekend is quickly approaching. It might be that I'm a little biased because my home team, the Seattle Seahawks, is heading to the Super Bowl for the second straight year in a row (mind you this hasn't been done since 2005) but I am getting really excited for the game this Sunday.

The buzz of the game has been a hot topic among many of my students so I decided I would create some language activities that could be used this week that would target the topic of the Super Bowl and work on their language goals-- two birds with one stone!!

Who will you be rooting for this Sunday??

Head here to download this Super Bowl freebie!


Winter Picture Scene: A Reinforcer Activity For Any Speech Goal

I have a group of kindergarten students who are working on persisting phonological processes and following directions.  This fun freebie covers me for both of these goals in one session!

Use the snowball fight picture scene with the snowballs.  When a student says their speech sounds or speech/language target, they can put a snowball on one of the students.  Once all the kids get hit with snowballs, the activity is over!

Students can describe the kids actions and outfits, follow directions with spatial concepts, use speech fluency strategies to make sentences and/or just a reinforcer to help a student stay motivated while practicing their speech sounds.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An Inspirational Sign for SLPs

The hard part of the spring semester is about to start. Christmas Break is over, MOY testing is going on, and soon, we'll be facing state assessments. AND, sometime in February, we'll start talking about the 2015-16 school year. There are days I need to remember what I'm doing and why. It's all about the children. My hope is that this free sign helps you work through piles of paperwork, frustration that you aren't doing enough, or whatever else you face, and to focus on all the good you do.
 Past, Present and Future Sign for SLPs by All Y'all Need
Download Past, Present and Future Sign for SLPs at All Y'all Need.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hot Chocolate Object Function!

Love using visuals and sentence strips?!  Keep warm and cozy with this fun new activity to work on object function!

Click HERE to learn more about it and how you can grab it for yourself!

Freebie! Irregular Past Tense Verb Snowmen Match Up (Revised)



Shanda and I have updated one of our most popular freebies.  In fact, it has been downloaded almost 13,000 times over at Teachers pay Teachers! We knew that it needed some up-dating so we tackled that job this past week and now we hope that you can all go back and re-download it when you have a chance.  That's because now it comes across more clear, concise, and we also hope, more helpful, for you and your students!  


The activity to match up the top with the bottom portions of the snowmen is a fun way for your students to work on irregular past tense verbs so that they can ultimately memorize some of the most commonly ones used. They will complete the motor skills and problem solving puzzle activity of matching up the snowmen and then they will have the opportunity to do some worksheets to further increase their understanding of more irregular past tense verbs at the sentence level. The revision work this past week has now made the worksheets more student friendly because they contain both pictures and word clues!

Click on any of the pictures to link directly to this download over at our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC, Teachers pay Teachers shop. 


Have a fun teaching session doing this winter-themed activity with your students! 


Manda & Shanda Speech-Language Pathologists Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC

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Monday, January 19, 2015

SLP Happiness Jar

I made some SLP New Year's Resolutions this year.  My personal resolution is to be happy.

 I love my job. There isn't any other job I want to do. But sometimes I just want to stay at home and watch Downton Abbey and not work at all! I know we all get tired and then my happy meter tends to drop! Tomorrow when someone asks me "How was break?" I hope I choose to say 'GREAT!" (because is was) and not "not long enough".  I think about what my teachers, secretaries, and fellow SLPs hear me say at work.  "sigh, this paperwork is killing me", "I just can't get her to participate", "is it 3:30 yet?" I know I say positive things too, but I don't know if I say them enough. So my goal is to be positive every. single. day.

  DIY: SLP Happiness Jar 

 So here's my plan. I made a SLP Happiness Jar! I wrote 50 positive comments, jokes, quotes, etc. When I'm having a rough day I'm going to pull out a piece of paper and remember to find my happiness.

Head over to Speech Room News to download the freebie and make your own Happiness Jar for work!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Verb Tenses in the Winter

Being able to use regular verb tenses is a Kindergarten and 1st grade common core state standard. Yet, so many of my students struggle with this skill that I actually made it one of my professional development goals!

To help my lower language students practice verbs tenses in a few way, I have been creating sentence strips to work on verbs.

Get your free copy by visiting here!

Have fun practicing regular past, present, and future winter verbs!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dreaming up ways to help

Hey everyone! It's Miss Thrifty with another fun craft idea. We are getting a *slightly* early start on Martin Luther King, Jr. activities this week in my groups since there is a teacher workday next week. I am kicking my little mini-celebration off with an activity that can be adapted for different skill/grade levels. 

To start off this lesson, I talk to my students about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech with a little bit of help from BrainPopJr. The majority of my students really enjoy watching these small videos and the little quiz. The only time I have ever had one complain is when I left the lights on instead of turning them off like their teachers. 

 For the "My dream" craft, I asked them to think of something they would like to do that could help other people. I gave my younger students one medium-sized cloud to draw a picture of their dream. Then we used the larger "I dream that...." cloud to write about the picture. My older students got two clouds, like in my example above, so we could draw a cause and effect dream.

To find out more about how I use this craft activity, head on over to my blog using the picture below.

I Scream/You Scream for Subject/Verb Agreement

This Freebie was originally offered on my website in January 2014. However since this is a new year and this therapy topic never goes "out of style", I thought I'd share it on this page again just in case you missed it!

Oh subject/verb agreement is one of those grammar skills we as SLPs seem to work on forever sometimes to teach the unwritten rules of language.  Of course you've seen this cute clip art before, I'm sure!  I thought it would be fun to make an Is/Are vs. Was/Were activity for my language kiddos.

You can use this activity as a whole group lesson, small therapy group lesson or even as an individual folder activity (i.e. students can independently use the sorting mats to sort the cards into the correct verbs).

Want to add a little movement?  Cut out the sorting mats and label various boxes, baskets, or cans with each verb and have the students take turns placing, throwing, hopping, crawling, etc. the correct verb card into the correct receptacle!

I use the same exact sentences for Is/Are vs. Was/Were cards as I have found some students master one tense (e.g. present) but not another tense (e.g. past).  So I can compare students performance for both verb tenses using the same stimulus sentences!

Looking for this freebie?  You can check out the full freebie and grab it here!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zig Zags!

I like interactive activities especially those that incorporate fine motor skill--an area many children need work n, but often don't receive the extra practice.  I recently created Zig Zags, an easy lacing type activity, that targets either articulation or language skills.

They go together quickly and my students have loved working with them.  I know yours will too!  I have a Months & Holidays version that you can use to kick off the new year with and so you can see how functional these can be!

To use, the student will hook the yarn in the top left notch and draw the yarn across to the matching picture (in this case, March to St. Patrick's Day).  Then they draw the yarn behind the Zig Zag to the next notch in line on the left side.  Within several minutes they'll have a fully laced card and a notch at the bottom can hold the yarn in place while they wait for work to be checked.  It's a great activity for groups because it keeps hands busy!

Click here for your FREEBIE!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pack of Pronouns: Winter & Valentine's Day Edition!

Happy 2015! It's a cool 60* here in Florida so we are all excited to finally bust out our scarves and boots! This chilly weather has motivated me to get some winter themed activities created and into my speech room! Pronouns seem to be a difficult concept for some students, where visuals are always so helpful. So, I decided to create another edition to add to my Pack of Pronoun series! 

 This free packet includes 20 picture cards (with a winter & Valentine's Day theme) that can be used to target he/him/she/her/they/them. 
I have used these cards in a number of ways….
1. Put 2-3 cards out at a time. Describe one of the cards using a pronoun and have the child identify the card you are taking about. "Show me: She is ice skating."
2. Play a board game but before the child takes a turn, he/she chooses a card from the deck and has to describe it using the correct pronoun.
3. Use these cards to assess pronoun knowledge/use.
4. Print out 2 copies and play "pronoun memory" with them!
You can download a copy of this packet in my TpT store here!

Happy New Year Mini Book

What better way to start off the new year in speech than by having kids set some new goals. Here is a free mini book for you and your students to work on getting the new year started off right!

You can get this mini book free from my TpT store. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flip & Clip Freebie

Happy 2015! Here's to at least a month of writing dates with a "14" and then finding creative ways to turn it into a "15!" I decided it would be a good idea to offer a free sample of my last product of 2014 called Flip & Clip: Adjectives! Head on over to my blog to grab your copy!

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