Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Freebie! Irregular Past Tense Verb Snowmen Match Up (Revised)



Shanda and I have updated one of our most popular freebies.  In fact, it has been downloaded almost 13,000 times over at Teachers pay Teachers! We knew that it needed some up-dating so we tackled that job this past week and now we hope that you can all go back and re-download it when you have a chance.  That's because now it comes across more clear, concise, and we also hope, more helpful, for you and your students!  


The activity to match up the top with the bottom portions of the snowmen is a fun way for your students to work on irregular past tense verbs so that they can ultimately memorize some of the most commonly ones used. They will complete the motor skills and problem solving puzzle activity of matching up the snowmen and then they will have the opportunity to do some worksheets to further increase their understanding of more irregular past tense verbs at the sentence level. The revision work this past week has now made the worksheets more student friendly because they contain both pictures and word clues!

Click on any of the pictures to link directly to this download over at our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC, Teachers pay Teachers shop. 


Have a fun teaching session doing this winter-themed activity with your students! 


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