Monday, January 12, 2015

I Scream/You Scream for Subject/Verb Agreement

This Freebie was originally offered on my website in January 2014. However since this is a new year and this therapy topic never goes "out of style", I thought I'd share it on this page again just in case you missed it!

Oh subject/verb agreement is one of those grammar skills we as SLPs seem to work on forever sometimes to teach the unwritten rules of language.  Of course you've seen this cute clip art before, I'm sure!  I thought it would be fun to make an Is/Are vs. Was/Were activity for my language kiddos.

You can use this activity as a whole group lesson, small therapy group lesson or even as an individual folder activity (i.e. students can independently use the sorting mats to sort the cards into the correct verbs).

Want to add a little movement?  Cut out the sorting mats and label various boxes, baskets, or cans with each verb and have the students take turns placing, throwing, hopping, crawling, etc. the correct verb card into the correct receptacle!

I use the same exact sentences for Is/Are vs. Was/Were cards as I have found some students master one tense (e.g. present) but not another tense (e.g. past).  So I can compare students performance for both verb tenses using the same stimulus sentences!

Looking for this freebie?  You can check out the full freebie and grab it here!

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