Monday, January 19, 2015

SLP Happiness Jar

I made some SLP New Year's Resolutions this year.  My personal resolution is to be happy.

 I love my job. There isn't any other job I want to do. But sometimes I just want to stay at home and watch Downton Abbey and not work at all! I know we all get tired and then my happy meter tends to drop! Tomorrow when someone asks me "How was break?" I hope I choose to say 'GREAT!" (because is was) and not "not long enough".  I think about what my teachers, secretaries, and fellow SLPs hear me say at work.  "sigh, this paperwork is killing me", "I just can't get her to participate", "is it 3:30 yet?" I know I say positive things too, but I don't know if I say them enough. So my goal is to be positive every. single. day.

  DIY: SLP Happiness Jar 

 So here's my plan. I made a SLP Happiness Jar! I wrote 50 positive comments, jokes, quotes, etc. When I'm having a rough day I'm going to pull out a piece of paper and remember to find my happiness.

Head over to Speech Room News to download the freebie and make your own Happiness Jar for work!


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