Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zig Zags!

I like interactive activities especially those that incorporate fine motor skill--an area many children need work n, but often don't receive the extra practice.  I recently created Zig Zags, an easy lacing type activity, that targets either articulation or language skills.

They go together quickly and my students have loved working with them.  I know yours will too!  I have a Months & Holidays version that you can use to kick off the new year with and so you can see how functional these can be!

To use, the student will hook the yarn in the top left notch and draw the yarn across to the matching picture (in this case, March to St. Patrick's Day).  Then they draw the yarn behind the Zig Zag to the next notch in line on the left side.  Within several minutes they'll have a fully laced card and a notch at the bottom can hold the yarn in place while they wait for work to be checked.  It's a great activity for groups because it keeps hands busy!

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