Monday, February 23, 2015

Speech Fines: A Behavior Management Idea!

Most of my cuties at my elementary site have articulation goals, so we try to get LOTS of productions in during the session.  If one little lady or gent begins to get off task aka silly, then it affects the productivity of the whole group.  After giving warnings and many “please stop talking, messing around, getting out of your seat, etc.”, an idea popped in my head (this happens from time to time, lol).  All of a sudden, I blurt out, the next time I have to ask you to stop__________,  you will have a speech fine and owe me 10 words to practice.  Well, the next time came and I said “you just got a speech fine.”  Read off 10 of your words.  It worked!  I got 10 productions (woot!) and the rest of the session went without a speech fine or off task behavior.

I made this FREEBIE set of "speech fines" to use during my sessions.  I also included language cards and a blank sheet to customize.  The beauty of my speech fines are that if the student gets a "fine" he/she may have to say 10 words or 60 words!!  This stops unwanted behavior and gets the kids to practice their goals (which is why they are there in the first place).

Go head over to my blog and grab this fun freebie behavior management idea!!

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