Monday, February 9, 2015

The Fun Pirate Hunt! (an easy reader)

Today's freebie is a simple easy reader story I made for my clients working on simple phonological awareness skills (mostly decoding of CVC2 and CVC2C3 words).  As you can see below, it is quite repetitive in nature so the students only have to focus on a few new words to decode on each page.  The best part is you can use this for any of the following goals:
  • phonological awareness skills
  • auditory memory and recall
  • visual memory and recall (for same words from page to page)
  • very simple reading comprehension skills
  • sequencing and retelling the story verbally or with picture cues
  • targeting such sequence words as "first, second, third, fourth, fifth/last"

Looking for this freebie?  I explain more about it and where you can get it on my website.   Grab it here!

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