Monday, February 2, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine? Yes/No Questions

Happy February everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed the football game last night and that your favorite team won! If so or if not, I have a little something to cheer you up!

For Valentine's Day, I created 28 yes/no themed question cards for my students, and now I am sharing them with all of you! I have a few preschoolers who are working on yes/no questions, some who are non-verbal and some with apraxia of speech. Therefore, I made sure to put yes/no images on the bottom of each card so that my students can point to the yes/no answer! If they can verbalize yes or no, sign, or gesture their answer, that is fine too! Just read each question aloud and have them answer!

For more information and a link to the file download, visit my blog by clicking on the image of the activity above! In addition, if you are seeing this anywhere from February 2nd, 2015 and February 4th, 2015, be sure to click on the last image of my linked blog post to participate in a blog hop! This means that you can click through a cycle of 28 SLP bloggers/material creators to get 28 total free materials for Valentines Day! If you are reading this after the 4th, most of the other freebies will not be available, but this one will be! Happy Valentine's Day!

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