Thursday, April 9, 2015

Artic Tacs for Sweet Treat-mint

I created this as a silly pun for both April's Fools or to be used during Better Hearing and Speech Month.  This freebie contains three activities.

The first allows you to transform a jumbo mint box into a dice dispenser.  I used bakeable clay to make "mints" and used Sharpie marker to put a number and dots on each.  Simply shake out a mint to find out how many times to say your word and/or how many mints to color on the reinforcement sheet.

The second set of stickers can be used to make prizes, promos or gifts of Artic Tacs for your students.

Finally, I have two reinforcement sheets (1 color, 1 b&w) to use as a no prep activity when the end of the year gets hectic!

Click here to pick up your copy and please consider leaving feedback or following.  Enjoy!

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