Thursday, May 28, 2015

Minimal Pairs Freebie!

Do you use minimal pairs in therapy?  I love to use them with my clients who have a hard time discriminating sounds in their speech.  I'm really excited to be sharing this freebie with you-I think you will love it!

Head on over to Speech2u to see how I use  minimal pairs in therapy and pick up a freebie sampler of /s/ vs. /f/ minimal pairs.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My First Sight Words

Sight words are frequently used in writing and make up a large percentage of texts we read. I picked 5 frequently used sight words for the preschool age. You can print these words and put them anywhere in your house or classroom and practice them with your kiddos. Repetition is the key to sight word acquisition! Repeat, repeat, repeat!! Once your kiddos have mastered these words, put them in a binder and introduce new sight words. Click here for this freebie and the instructions: My First Sight Words

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ocean Pronoun Practice

It's about that time, folks!  I'm counting down the days and working with my favorite theme… the ocean!  I decided to create another quick pronoun freebie to go with it that will be great for my students and hopefully yours too…

There are 3 different no prep pages to work on he/she pronouns with your littles!   

You can surf on over to Crazy Speech World to see more and snag your very own set!  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Articulation in Conversation FREEBIE

Do you need data for progress reports? The concept is SIMPLE! 

Yes, we all know it is easy to obtain data for articulation at the word and sentence levels, but what do you do for conversational speech? I came up with an EASY method to collect and calculate data. Go read about it on my blog HERE

You can download the form that has the formula already written on it. If you download, PLEASE leave me some feedback!  I want to know if I made your life easier at this hectic time of year!!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer-Themed Quick Print, Opened- Ended Speech & Language FREEBIE!

Hello and welcome to Speechie Freebies friends!

Summer break is fast approaching and Shanda and I wanted to send you off with a fun freebie to use in a summer therapy packet or to be used during summer break if you are teaching then too.

This freebie contains worksheets that can be adjusted to be used with any student. Just fill in the student's targeted speech or language word or sound and you are all set for a fun summer-themed teaching session using cute clip art that will bring sunny warmth to your therapy room!

Come visit us over at our blog to pick up this FREEBIE! At our blog, we are always trying hard to provide the latest information on speech and language therapy, providing freebies, links to helpful therapy documents, completing helpful reviews. and even trying to hold fun giveaways to benefit you!

Have a happy and sunny day!

Manda & Shanda
Speech-Language Pathologists
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC Blog

Summarizing Graphic Organizer!

Looking for a fun new graphic organizer to help students plan their thoughts to summarize stories with problems and solutions?!

Hop on over to my blog to learn more about it, how I use it, and grab it FREE!

Monday, May 18, 2015

BHSM Blow Pop Tags

Happy BHSM!!! Grab a bag of blow pops and print these tags! Share the word with your teachers about vocal hygiene.

Hop over and download the freebie!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Size of the Problem Freebie

Do you work with kids that have trouble distinguishing a small problem from a big one? Me too!

I designed this short cute freebie to serve several roles: visual, lesson, and activity. I hope you find it useful too!

Click here to find this great freebie!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cause and Effect

Hey everyone! It's Miss Thrifty SLP here with a quick activity for cause and effect to use as a quick review. 

Each of the ten cards gives a small scenario that has a "consequence." Students have to tell you a possible consequence. If their answer is correct, they get to chose a number and perform the hidden action. 

The actions range from making a silly face to describing an object and even to play-acting what they would do/say in the situation.

To see more pictures of the cards and to grab your own copy, click on the image below.

Parts of a Whole

Here's a fun "Parts of a Whole" activity I made.  There are 9 pictures of binary choice cards with 3 descriptors (parts of the whole) and 9 object pictures you can use to have your client describe it by naming at least 3 parts of the object.

Grab your free copy here!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Interactive Apraxia Activities

What time is it? Emma & Bobby have made a muddy mess, and now it's time for a bath!

This interactive sampler packet gives you a glimpse of a creative and engaging way to elicit multiple repetitions of targets with children with apraxia or severe articulation needs who are working at CV/VC/CVC level.

This sampler contains all of the full color elements of “Story 1” from the “Bath Time” themed packet PLUS a black & white mini-book! Check it out here.

If you enjoy this freebie, the full packet contains six of each: stories, mini books, and matching drill sheets…and a cute pacing board!  I’ve also included a black line version of each page to reduce printing demands.

Pathways for Animal Vocabulary

Here's a fun, Bingo-type variation that you and your students will love!  Each player receives a different game board then take turns calling out an animal name and have every player cover the picture.  Who can make a winding path from either the forest to forest or sea to sea first?

Need some variations?  Set up barriers so students can't see whether they are helping another player with their pick.  Name where the animal lives or the name of the animal baby.

And talk about whether they prefer the beach or the mountains for their own vacations!

To pick up your own copy of this FREEBIE, click here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

S-Blend Craftivity FREEBIE

Hands on activities are always a favorite with my kids, so I wanted to share a fun craftivity with all of you!  This will make working on /s/-blends a lot more fun than going through flashcards.

You can read more about this craftivity and download it HERE.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! Today I have a freebie that was inspired by Erik X. Raj's blog post about eliciting language from your students when you ask how their weekend was. I wanted to provide my students with visuals to help them answer this question.

Head over to my blog to grab your copy!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Play Dough Placemats

Hi!  My name is Jessica, from Figuratively Speeching SLP, and I am thrilled to be joining Speechie Freebies as a  new collaborator!

I've been busy working with so many preschoolers, and wanted to keep theit hands busy while doing drills for articulation.  If you love playdough, I am sharing some placemats for the /p/ sound today.

For more information, read more here.  To download, click on the pictures above!

Don't forget to follow me on TPT and Facebook!

Better Hearing and Speech Month- Bookmarks!

Hello there! I am Rachel Nortz of Queen's Speech. I am thrilled to be a new member of this fantastic group of SLPs offering free resources to help YOU!

In honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month, I created some fun bookmarks to give out to staff where you work! 

Included in this freebie are 16 double sided bookmarks. One side has a communication related quote and the other side has a fact related to speech, language and hearing disorders. 

Printer friendly, just use colored paper! I made the clipart myself too! 

Grab the freebie in my TpT Store: here

I look forward to creating more great freebies for all of you soon!

High-Flying Regular Plural Noun Kites FREEBIE

Hey there!

My name is Lindsey from Word Nerd Speech Teach and I am so excited to be one of the newest collaborators here at Speechie Freebies!  My first freebie as part of this amazing team is called, "High Flying Regular Plural Noun Kites (Ending in s, x, ch, sh, j)"!  This activity includes 30 sentence cards.  All of the singular nouns end in either s, x, ch, sh, or j and must be changed into plural nouns.

You can grab this FREEBIE over at my TpT store!  Thanks for visiting!

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