Monday, June 8, 2015

Checking Up Opposites

It's Miss Thrifty SLP with a new Goodwill inspiration....I found a wooden brochure holder from a medical office of some kind. It was in pristine condition for just $3.99. Being someone who changes her storage strategies every year, I decided to jump on the deal and figure out a way to incorporate it into my deep appreciation for fast therapy tasks. 

It was certainly a learning process, but the end result of my first trial has me pretty happy. 

I selected opposite concepts that I frequently work on with students of all ages. The little boxes underneath the pictures allow the students to mark off if they got the concept or needed a second try. You could also use the boxes as a way of progress monitoring instead by writing the date underneath and whether or not they got the answer correct. 

When you fold the paper it will turn out looking like this.
To see more about this brochure activity, click on the picture below.

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