Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camping-themed Writing FREEBIE

Hello! This is Manda and Shanda from Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC and we are happy to be posting another freebie for all of you today. 
This fun freebie has a s'more theme and it would be fun to use during a camping-themed unit or anytime during the year when you would like to enjoy the clip art that reminds you and your students about yummy marshmallows, sweet graham crackers and delicious chocolate. Mmmm Mmmmm!
Just print and cut out the s'more ingredients and the fun will begin!  Your students will get the chance to work on identifying letters and words and will also get the chance to write the full 4 letter word formed or the complete sentence.  Just choose which level is the best for the student that you are working with.

This freebie comes both in black ink only and a colored ink version.

We hope you like it!

Happy s'more making.

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At our blog, we are always trying hard to provide the latest information on speech and language therapy, providing freebies, links to helpful therapy documents, completing helpful app and document reviews, and even trying to hold fun giveaways to benefit you!

Manda & Shanda
Speech-Language Pathologists
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