Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hi! This is Manda and Shanda from Twin Speech.  We are happy to be over at Speechie Freebies again this month.  Lately, our students can't seem to get enough of playdough in our therapy room, so we put together some brand new playdough mat documents and also updated our older Speech Sounds Playdough Mats document that targeted the early speech sounds of B, M, K and G.  Please re-download when you get a chance if you previously purchased it because you will find that it has expanded greatly in size and useful content and that it now covers all of the speech sounds and the letters from A to M! Here's a direct link.to check and see if you have previously purchased it. 
8-10-13 Play Dough Mats-B,M, K, & G  
To add to our playdough therapy time, we cooked up some of our own homemade play dough and the students loved it!  We put the smell of cinnamon in one batch and the smell of apple in the second batch.  These two batches of playdough have been fitting in perfectly with our fall-themed articulation and letter recognition targeted therapy sessions this past September and October!

  IMG_9856 (2) 

All of this playdough fun inspired our latest freebie for you!  The freebie are the recipes for how to make cooked or uncooked playdough. They both work great and are fun to do at home or even with a student at work! It is your choice on which one you would like to try!  Click HERE to immediately download the recipes from Teachers Pay Teachers or just right click on the pictures provided here and print them off.  Slide3 Slide2 

Also, you may be interested to know that our latest playdough mat document targeting the digraphs of /SH/, /CH/, and /TH/ sound and words is 50% off right now!  To pick it up at that super cheap price within the next 24 hours, just click on the picture below or click HERE.

Slide1 Slide3 Slide4 
We tried to cover every speech student so we decided to make Alphabet Playdough Mats for the whole entire alphabet!  We broke the alphabet up into two sets. The first set covers the letters A to M and the second set covers the letters N to Z.  Grab them today to help increase articulation of these sound and to increase letter recognition with your students.  They will have so much fun learning as they move and create! 
Manda & Shanda, SLPs
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC

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