Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ice Fishing for Articulation!

It's fun to bring in some seasonal items into artic seasons, especially if they are a bit different from the norm since many of my artic kiddos have average language skills already.  They know a lot about snow, snowflakes, snowmen, but what about ice fishing?!

This worksheet gives us a chance to talk about what it would be like to fish in a frozen lake--the safety precautions, what the fish might be like in winter and how it's the same/different from fishing in the summer.  They're intrigued!

This freebie targets initial "J."  Students say the pictured prompt and decide whether or not the word begins with the target sound (of the ten pictures, eight do and two don't).  If it does, the student hooks that fish on to the line.  If it doesn't, we let it go or cross it out.

It's a great way to be sure they are saying, feeling and listening for the sounds since many of my artic kiddos have weak phonemic awareness skills!

I send the sheet home with "color and say" checked off and they bring it back for an extra sticker.  To grab your copy, click here.

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