Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Best of SLP Bloggers

Are you a bit overwhelmed by the amount of SLP info out there?  Wondering how you can connect with voices that speak to you and find the topics that you need?  This winter over 70 SLP bloggers came together to create the compilation.  You'll love it!

Each blogger contributed a page featuring a sample of their writing and a link to their blog.

The vast majority of SLP blogs focus on pediatric populations (preschool-high school), provide treatment activities and address speech sound disorders and language needs.  But they also filled out a questionnaire which allowed us to create lists of specific topics/ages to make it easier to access the additional info that you really need.  Indexes are listed in the back of the book and contain clickable links.  Examples include:  fluency, autism, literacy, ESL, hearing impairment, adult populations and research.

To pick up your copy, click here.

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